Indiana Pulls Out of Common Core, but New Standards May be More Lipstick on a Pig

Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill today that requires the state to develop its own standards.  That is indeed welcome news.  However, there is concern by activists in Indiana that the same type of "lipstick on a pig"  process used in Florida is happening there.  According to Erin Tuttle at Hoosiers Against Common Core:

The established negative aspects of Common Core haven't been removed, like lengthy jargon-filled process standards, and any redeeming aspects, such as requiring students to know by memory their addition facts, are gone. It's more of what parents oppose and less of what they want.

The process is moving the standards backwards, not forward. Still, we are told to sit and wait, like good little comrades, and let the powers that be do what they want, which is obviously a Common Core rebrand. After two rounds of drafts, the analyses performed by the IDOE showed that the English standards for grades 6-12 are 90% Common Core.  That's not a lot of progress. (Emphasis added).
The powers that be may have millions of dollars for slick ad campaigns, but  they will not and cannot deceive the millions of informed and passionate parents and grandparents that refuse to let the education and privacy of their  precious children be destroyed.

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