Don Armstrong & Lee Board Make Sure CCSS Tests Do Not Interfere with 911 Remembrance

The Lee County School board acted strongly and rightly in response to the very sad and quite maddening story we reported last month about the teacher who was told not to teach anything about 9-11 to his students because it took too much time for Common Core related test prep.According to Fox 4 News, Don Armstrong offered a resolution to require at least ten minutes of discussion and teaching on 9-11 on the anniversary of the event every year. He said in an interview: "It's important for these students more than anything. These students have a right to know what's going on on the anniversary of 9/11," Armstrong said.And his motion is getting national attention: he's been asked to speak on Fox and Friends in the next week."I'm honored to bring something like this forward at the school board meeting, to get it passed, to hit national, to honor our veterans, our police, our firefighters," Armstrong told Four in Your Corner's Lisa Greenberg.
The resolution passed unanimously. Kudos to Mr. Armstrong and the board. Read more

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Teachers Told Not to Teach About 9-11 to Leave Time for Test Prep

Please listen to this appalling call into the Drew Steele Show on 92.5 Fox News in the Naples/Fort Meyers area from a Florida teacher named Josh.

Josh was specifically told by the principal that he and his fellow teachers could not teach about 9-11 because there was nothing in the teaching for that day that related to the end of year testing. The teachers had to wait until the principal was out of the building at another meeting to sneak in lessons about one of the most important events in our nation's history..This is another example, like Dr. Effrem's report on the radicalized AP US History framework, of how the teaching and testing of Common Core is destroying and rewriting our nation's history and heritage and it must be stopped. Read more

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