Ethan Update Number 2 - Bill Filed to Prevent State Common Core Test Hassle of Severely Disabled

In follow-up to the heartbreaking story of Ethan Rediske, a severly disbled boy who passed away while his family was being hassled for documentation as to why he wasn't taking the FCAT, legislators have seen the patent absurdity of it all.  Rep. Karen Castor-Dentel (D-Maitland), Rep. Gyndolyn Clarke-Reed (D-Deerfield Beach), and Rep. Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) have filed HB 8595, the Ethan Rediske Act. (See State Impact's coverage here). This bill would allow the individual districts to permanently waive testing for severely disabled children in consulation with families and medical providers, instead of having to beg the state for relief every year.  Let us hope that families in the Rediske's situation will be spared this ridiculous bureaucratic harrassment.


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