Another Education Radical Decides "Children Belong to All of Us," But We Are Making Progress

According to this story in the Christian Post, another elitist radical, ivory tower academic wants to do away with thousands of years of human history and have children raised by the collective.  In the appalling tradition of Hillary "It Takes a Village" Clinton and MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry who believes that we must "get over that kind of private notion that children belong to their parents," but that "they belong to whole communities;" Paul Reville, an education professor at Harvard and former Massachusetts secretary of Education, said, "The children belong to all of us," in explaining why states should adopt the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Reville, speaking at a conference for the Center for American Progress, no fan of America's founding principles, also said,  "To be sure, it's always a small voice [that opposed the Common Core] and these voices get amplified in the midst of these arguments of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability ... But those are a tiny minority. The argument about where [Common Core] came from, I think privileges certain fringe voices about states' rights and federalism, and things of that nature."

Not only is Reville not in agreement with thousands of years of tradition affirmed over and over by the US Supreme Court that it is parents that are in charge of the raising and education of their children, but he is apparently also not aware of the many groups on his side of the political spectrum that oppose Common Core.  These would include the Florida Progressive Democratic Caucus, The Badass Teachers' Association, and the over 600,000 member New York State Teachers' Union.

Opposition to Common Core comes from all points on the political and philosophical spectra.  It is the individual vs the corporate and big government elite.  Yet, there is evidence that we are holding our own, if not turning the tide:
  • Jeb Bush admitted in December of 2013, "Right now, I would say, it's [the fight over Common Core] a draw at best."
  • Our friends at Missouri Education Watchdog uncovered a presentation by a PR conglomerate hired to push Common Core, showing that support for Common Core is soft with only 27% of people even having heard of it:
  • ...AND even better - When people hear both sides of the argument, Common Core drastically loses support:

So even though people like Reville are annoying, take heart, we the moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, students, and small business people that want "education for a free nation" are making a difference in protecting the hearts and minds of our children and America's future.


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