Common Core Played an Important Role in Election Outcomes at All Levels!

November, 2016

Congratulations to the winners & thanks to those who got in the arena! Now we must hold their feet to the fire! Common Core and high stakes testing was a significan issue at every level of government. Here is a summary of the results:

President of the United States - Donald Trump is elected the 45th President of the United States. We congratulate him with hope and prayers that he will follow through on his promises to "get rid of Common Core and make education local." Much will have to be discerned about this because his education  pronouncements were not very detailed. Getting rid of Common Core is an extremely popular platform plank. Let us hope that his promise to get rid of Common Core as so desired by the "forgotten" parents of America will not be undermined! Stay tuned for news as FSCCC unites with other grassroots organizations across the nation to help him accomplish this. You may offer suggestions to his transition team HERE


Congress - The House remains in Republican control with a loss of 5 seats for the GOP, with two being from Florida. Of the 4 House races we discussed, 3 anti-Common Core/#EndFedEd candidates were victorious. We congratulate new Congressman-elect Brian Mast in CD 18, and incumbent Congressmen Ron DeSantis (CD 6) and Ted Yoho (CD 3) on their strong re-elections! (Yoho and DeSantis both courageously and presciently voted against ESSA) We also congratulate Congressmen - Elect Matt Gaetz (CD 1) and Neal Dunn (CD 2). We thank Wayne Liebnitzky for making Common Core a campaign issue in CD 9 even though he did not prevail. 


Brian Mast
Ron DeSantis
Ted Yoho
Although likely coincidental instead of causal, it should be noted that both Florida congressional incumbents that lost their seats, John Mica (CD 7) and David Jolly (CD 13) voted for the tyrannical, Common Core continuing Every Student Succeeds Act.

The Republicans also retain control of the Senate. In Florida Senator Marco Rubio was re-elected. He voted against ESSA and is generally anti-Common Core, but needs guidance on student privacy.

State Legislature - Here are the results of the two key senate races we discussed in our last alert:
 Congratulations Senator-Elect Mayfield!
Congratulations Senator-Elect Steube!
County Superintendent & School Board Races - Our extensive review of candidates' positions on Common Core, high stakes testing, and other important issues has been updated to reflect the winners in each race. Analysis of the results shows that although the establishment forces won some races, voters still strongly oppose these issues and whether the candidates are true in their opposition or not, they were forced to deal with them:
Of the Winners in these 57 Races:
29/57 (51%) Opposed Common Core (CCSS), High Stakes Testing (HST) or both
4/29 (14%) had statements opposing Common Core
11/29 (38%) had statements indicating opposition to high stakes testing or the number of tests
14/29 (48%) had statements opposing both CCSS and HST or the number of tests
8/57 (14%) Supported CCSS, HST, or both
20/57 (35%) Had No Position on CCSS or HST (able to be found after internet search or listening to forum/interview)
There will be much work to do in both Tallahassee and Washington DC to promote academic excellence and restore parental rights, student privacy, and local control. Thank you for all you do to protect the hearts and mind of our children! 

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