Politico Mentions RPOF Resolution & Reports on CPAC Panel Slamming Common Core - Updated w/Video

March, 2014

All those that battle Common Core are making themselves heard.  The influential website Politico mentioned the resolution from the Republican Party of Florida Legislative Affairs Committee that heard and was favorably influenced by Dr. Effrem and FSCCC (See our statement and the resolution text).  Here is Politico's discussion of the resolution:

COMMON CORE FOES FIGHTING HARD: Indiana remains the only state that has taken serious steps to withdraw from the Common Core after a tumultuous year of debate. But foes of the standards elsewhere aren't giving up. They're circulating a resolution passed by the legislative affairs committee of the Florida Republican Party; it calls the notion of common standards "contrary to Republican values and Constitutional authority" and urges the state to pull out. The resolution warns that the standards are so divisive, they make "Republican unification" impossible and could well hurt the party in the fall elections.

They also mention a Common Core panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the great work of the American Principles Project's Emmett McGroarty in opposing these standards:
--In the spotlight at CPAC: The divisiveness argument is likely to surface again at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which starts today. A panel on Common Core is stacked with foes of the standards. And the American Principles Project is calling on all speakers at CPAC to join with "moms and dads" in publicly opposing the Common Core. "Do our political leaders have the courage to speak out against the Common Core, or are they cowards who will run from the fight?" asked Emmett McGroarty, who runs the advocacy group's education division. Full schedule:

This movement continues to gain momentum.  Keep up the great work!

UPDATE: Here is the video of the panel from CPAC:


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