Palm Beach County REC Overrides Establishment Chairwoman & Passes Anti-Common Core Resolution

December, 2013

The list of Florida Republican activists realizing the truth of the disaster of Common Core continues to grow.  On December 11th, the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee (REC) voted overwhelmingly to override their new chairwoman who wanted to delay a vote on an anti-Common Core resolution until February.  They then passed the anti-Common Core resolution.  This brings the total to at least 23 counties out of 67 RECs that have passed these resolutions.

Here are some excerpts from the Palm Beach Post article on the event: 

Disregarding new Chairwoman Anita Mitchell's concerns about spooking donors, members of the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee voted Wednesday night for a resolution opposing the Common Core education standards championed by former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush.

"Yours are financial interests. Mine are the future of this country," said an REC member who said she has four kids and wants to combat "this insanity that comes home in my children's backpacks." (Emphasis added).

After voting to defeat a motion to delay the Common Core vote until February, REC members voted for the resolution expressing the party's opposition to the national educational standards.

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) headed by corporate and foundation establishment types like Jeb Bush and John Thrasher is continuing to ignore the grassroots, suppressing all discussion of Common Core at their last quarterly meeting while other state GOP organizations like California, Georgia, Iowa, and South Carolina are joining the Republican National Committee in speaking out against this tyrannical system. The Florida grassroots Republicans are joining the Florida Progressive Democratic Caucus, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party, as well as many groups and legislators across the nation of many political persuasions.The RPOF and Florida legislative leadership need to quit this foolishness and protect our children and citizens from this ridiculous boondoggle. 

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