Dr. Effrem Presents FSCCC Legislative Agenda at the Charlotte County Legislative Delegation Meeting

January, 2017

Here are the prepared remarks that Dr. Karen Effrem presented to the Charlotte County Legislative Delegation Meeting in Port Charlotte yesterday:

Good morning members of the Charlotte County delegation. I am Dr. Karen Effrem, a wife and mother of three and I am here on behalf of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, an organization made up of more than 50 groups from all over the state. 
The Common Core, widely admitted to be rebranded as the Florida standards, have failed. Besides being academically inferior, developmentally inappropriate and psychologically manipulative: 
  • They have not improved education outcomes in Florida or the nation, with falling or stagnant SAT, ACT, NAEP TIMMSand PISA scores.
  • The confusing Common Core Math techniques, "close reading" and the virtual elimination of fiction reading from classrooms are destroying children's love of learning and driving parents crazy
  • The standards are tied to assessments that are not useful in guiding instruction, developmentally inappropriate, time consuming, secretive, not fully validated and excessively expensive. Teaching to the test narrows the curriculum and online testing actually decreases learning time.
  • The Common Core aligned and constant Competency Based Education online testing, data collection and psychological profiling alarm and outrage parents.
  • Both long-standing and new research shows that 3rd grade retention is harmful and ineffective.  
Those politicians that have supported the Common Core system at the state and federal levels have paid a significant price at the ballot box. It is extremely important that you listen to the parents, rank-and-file teachers, and taxpayers that are demanding relief. Students and families across the state and nation are suffering under this untenable situation. Please listen to them!

We therefore strongly urge the following:
  • Repeal the Florida Standards in English and math.
  • Direct the commissioner to choose from one of the five best pre-Common Core sets of standards in the nation for each subject after widespread public hearings
  • Do not renew the AIR FSA contract when it runs out this year.
  • Choose from pre-2009 national norm-referenced assessments for state testing.
  • Minimize data collection and time spent testing, save many tax dollars, and improve test scores by returning to paper and pencil testing.
  • Prohibit the collection of non-cognitive, social emotional learning data and further protect student data in general to neutralize the federal weakening of data protection
  • Explore accountability systems that do not rely primarily on test score data, giving public schools the same flexibility given to private and home schools.
  • Do not expand the competency based education pilot program currently being run in 4 Florida districts
  • Expand local and parental control of curriculum
  • Stop 3rd grade retention as soon as possible

These requests will actually save money and improve academic achievement. I have more detailed quotes and references for you. Thank you very much for your consideration.  Blessings as you prepare for the 2017 session.


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