Holder Joins Workman in Common Core Deception

August, 2016

Allison Neilsen's list of articles regarding false claims of Common Core opposition is growing.  In addition to Ritch Workman in Senate District 17, she wrote about Doug Holder''s deceptive anti-Common Core claims in his campaign mailer.  Here is an excerpt:

Senate hopeful and former state Rep. Doug Holder wants Floridians to vote for him because he fought against Common Core, but anti-Common Core activists say that's not the case.<--break->

In a mailer obtained by Sunshine State News, Holder claims he was a "fighter" to abolish Common Core and "create sensible Florida standards" for Florida students. 

The mailer, which was paid for by his political committee Floridians for Equitable Government, goes on to say Holder will promote local control and limit standardized testing, support parental choice and promote high standards to prepare students for careers.

Florida anti-Common Core groups seem puzzled by the mailer, however, since they don't recall Holder being involved in their anti-Common Core movement over the years.

"I can personally attest that Holder has NEVER been involved in any anti-Common Core efforts in this state," said Karen Effrem, executive director of Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.

Sadly, Ms Neilsen may be quite busy before this year's primary and general elections are over with all of the big business and education establishment manipulation that is happening as politicians try to escape the wrath of parents due to the utter failure of
Common Core.  Please check this website often and vote informed! Here are 4 questions to ask any candidate about their alleged anti-Common Core records:
1) Do you support Common Core (many are likely to say "No")

2) Do you believe that Common Core is out of the state of Florida as Governor Scott and Jeb Bush have proclaimed?

3) If you think Common Core is still in Florida, what will you do to see it removed?

4)  If you oppose Common Core, what did you do during the last year to get rid of it? (for incumbents, some of whom supported anti-Common Core bills in the legislature after they knew they were dead)

And after our review of the anti-Common Core records of the candidates involved in the District 23 race, we release the following grades for the candidates in this race (for details and the grading scale, please check HERE):
Former Rep. Doug Holder - F

Businessman Rick Levine - B-

Commissioner Nora Patterson - C-

Rep. Ray Pilon - A+

Rep. Greg Steube - B+


Professor Frank Alcock -C

Mr. Frank Cirillo - C-

Thank you!




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