Collier County Groups Take Stand Against Transgender Edict

June, 2016

Kudos and many thanks to the Salt and Light Advisory Council, Collier Citizens for Student Privacy and Safety, and Representative Matt Hudson for their great efforts convening a rally and press conference on June 14th. The purpose was to bring awareness of community opposition to the harmful, unconstitutional, and illegal edict from the Obama administrations's justice and education departments requiring access to bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports team for any student that requests it based on the ephemeral concept of gender identity intead of on biological sex. They planned to present a resolution to the Collier County School Board that evening. The event included a prayer for the victims of the Orlando shooting; an explanation of the resolution by Greg Harper, president of the Advisory Council, a statement by Rep. Hudson regarding the lack of constitutionality of the edict, a discussion of the psychological and ethical ramifications and a final prayer by Father Michael Orsi, also of the Council. The video also contains footage of a simultaneous rally opposing the citizen/parent resolution. Here is the video of the event:

Collier County Salt and Light Council Press Conference from William Hughes on Vimeo. Please click on the blue button to watch the video on Vimeo.

The school board did not vote on the resolution. The board attorney explained the potential loss of $57 million in federal funding. but likely said little about how much money would be freed up by not having to comply with oppressive, byzantine federal regulations. Board member Erika Donalds attempted to add it to the agenda of next month's meeting, but did not prevail. We thank her for that effort. Here is video coverage  from NBC 2 in Naples and below are some other photos from the rallies by the Naples Herald.

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