URGENT ALERT: Debate & Final Vote On Competency Education Bill Starts Today

March, 2016

URGENT ALERT - The Senate will be voting later today on SB 1714, the data mining, psychological profiling, career tracking Competency Education Pilot Program! We are deeply grateful to Senator Alan Hays for filing an amendment to try to at least stop the involuntary shunting of children into certain careers based on the needs of business and subjective psychological assessments.  Because we have no assurances that even this mild, common sense protection will be accepted and because the amendment will NOT change the overall outcome of this bill, we are still urging opposition for the following reasons. (Details are available HERE):
  1. Documents from both Pinellas and Lake Counties admit that teachers will be turned into "facilitators" harming the teacher-student interaction and eventually resulting in teacher layoffs.
  2. Two of the four counties listed in the bill have not received grant funding at all making us wonder from where the funding will come.  
  3. Gates grants and programs have a long track record of failure, costing Hillsborough $24 million more than they received for a failed teacher program and Gates was involved in the invasive inBloom data mining project that sought to share data without consent in several states spurring lawsuits. as the cartoon shows, districts are being addicted to "free money" and then will be in worse financial shape than ever.
  4. Many quotes from proponent organizations, including the Gates Foundation, show that the goal of these programs is to do the majority of the teaching online, with constant assessments, data mining, and affective or psychosocial profiling of our children.
  5. Because of still weak data protection laws, this data will still be collected and shared with third parties without parental consent.
  6. Lake County that has received a Gates grant for this has already spent $8 million more out of taxpayer funds than they have received.
In addition, the omnibus or "Train" bill, SB 524 also contains this same bill language, as well as other bad provisions and should be opposed as well.

1)      Urge your senators to vote NO on both SB 1714 and SB 524. Contact information is below the cartoon and you may use the talking points above.
2)      Contact Rep. Ray Rodriguez, the House author of HB 1365 at 850-717-5076 and tell him you do not want the House and Senate versions to be reconciled.
3)      Express grave disappointment with the handling of this bill to Senator Brandes (850-487-5022) and tell him you do not want this bill to proceed
4)      If you are in Lake, Pinellas, Seminole, or Palm Beach Counties, let your school board know that you do not want them to continue or start this program, as the case may be, and that you do not want your child to participate if they choose to ignore you.
5)      If you live in other Florida counties, tell your board that you do not want this type of invasive, expensive and likely to fail program in your county.  


Send a mass email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Or call and or email individual senators at:
Senator Joseph Abruzzo
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5025
Senator Thad Altman
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5016
Senator Aaron Bean
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5004
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5030
Senator Ron Bradley
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5007
Senator Jeff Brandes

Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5022
Senator Oscar Braynon
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5036
Senator Dwight Bullard
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5039
Senator Jeff Clemens
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5027
Senator Charles Dean
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5005
Senator Nancy Detert
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5028
Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5040
Senator Greg Evers
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5 
Senator Anitere Flores
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5037
Senator Don Gaetz
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5001
Senator Bill Galvano
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5026
Senator Rene Garcia
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5038 

Senator Andy Gardiner
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5013
Senator Audrey Gibson
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5009
Senator Denise Grimsley
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5021
Senator Alan Hays
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5011
Senator Dorothy L.  Hukill
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5008
Senator Arthenia L.  Joyner

Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5019
Senator Jack Latvala
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5020
Senator Tom Lee
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5024
Senator John Legg
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5017 
Senator Gwen Margolis
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5035
Senator Bill Montford
Tallahassee Office - Same as District office
Senator Joe Negron
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5032
Senator Garrett Richter
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5023
Senator Jeremy Ring
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5029
Senator Maria Sachs
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5034
Senator David Simmons
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5010
Senator Wilton Simpson

Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5018
Senator Christopher L.  Smith
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5031
Senator Eleanor Sobel
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5033
Senator Darren Soto
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5014
Senator Kelli Stargel
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5015
Senator Geraldine Thompson
Tallahassee Office - (850) 487-5012
116 Cousley Drive SE
Port Charlotte, FL 33952
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