US House Sacrifices Our Children to Affective Education & Baby Common Core in NCLB Rewrite

December, 2015

By a vote 359-64, the US House passed the rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act/No Child Left Behind (NCLB) last night.  Their new monstrous 1061 page boondoggle (longer than NCLB) is now called the Every Student Succeeds Act.  It was released in its final form the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday and voted on two days later to make sure there was not enough time for parents and citizens that opposed it to be able to rally their elected representatives.

The floor debate was a prolonged self-congratulatory love-fest where not a word of dissent was allowed.  There are many appalling lowlights about the alleged wonders of Baby Common Core preschool and Full Service Community Schools that will become Parent Replacement Centers during that debate, but this one minute portion of a speech by Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan during earlier debate on the rule for consideration crystallizes why this bill is so bad.  It is a frank admission of the intended full horrors of the social emotional/affective education system. This system moves away from academics with a "new Common Core," which he admitted will still be there with the legislation by virtue of his pet program.  The social emotional program Tim Ryan lauds is just one of many similar pieces of language in the bill (see some HERE) that requires psychological profiling that will be part of a data system promoting cradle to grave career tracking with minimal student privacy. Here is a portion of this speech (Hat Tip Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall):    

The fact that he says, "I believe there is a new way of educating our kids emerging here, there is a new Common Core developing and that is the mental discipline and the physical health of our young people," is a clear confirmation of our contention that Common Core has always significantly been about psychological manipulation.

Not a single Democrat voted against the bill this time as opposed to every single Democrat voting against the House Student Success Act. This shows how far the Republican leadership capitulated to the big government left in Congress and the White House and the big business Chamber/Bush/Pearson/Gates cabal to get this bill passed.  When receiving the list of Common Core proponents who had endorsed the bill from a staffer that was supposed to comfort or impress us, we wrote back:
"That the organizations you list, many of whom are responsible for developing, supporting and metastasizing Common Core, support this bill is not a comfort, but rather twisting the knife in the guts of parents whose children are suffering and will continue to suffer under this system if this bill passes.  Many parents in this district will be bitterly disappointed if the congressman votes yes."

There were more Democrat votes than Republican, which means that Speaker Ryan's promises to not put forth any more back room deals and to not bring forth any bills that needed major Democrat assistance to pass had all the substance of cotton candy in a rainstorm.
Despite the long odds and thanks to many herculean and courageous efforts of moms and dads here in Florida and across the country including Erin Tuttle of Indiana and Dr. Mary Byrne of Missouri that went to Washington at their own expense to lobby and are friends at Eagle Forum and American Principles Project, we increased the number of no votes from 27 when HR 5 passed this summer to 64 yesterday.  If we had more time, it is quite likely that the vote count would have been different, which is likely the real reason this huge bill was rammed through two days after the language was released without any serious review.  As written to one staffer, "This reeks of the process used by the Democrats with Obamacare."

We are extremely grateful to those 64 Republicans who listened to parents and citizens, instead of lobbyists, and had the wisdom, courage, and foresight to understand how damaging this bill will be.  In a remarkable show of unity, by our calculations, 33 of 38 or 87% of the House Freedom Caucus voted against the bill. We thank Chairman Jim Jordan and all of the members of the HFC that voted no, all of the other Republicans, all of you who tweeted in support of these folks and Patriot Journalist for setting up the action pages. Here, we are especially appreciative to Florida Congressmen Curt Clawson, Ron DeSantis, Jeff Miller and Ted Yoho. Here is the entire list of those who voted Nay, all of whom should be thanked and supported:

Amash (MI)
Babin (TX)
Bishop (UT)
Blackburn (TN)
Brat (VA)
Bridenstine (OK)
Brooks (AL)
Buck (CO)
Chabot (OH)
Chaffetz (UT)
Clawson (FL)
Culberson (TX)
DeSantis (FL)
DesJarlais (TN)
Duncan (SC)
Farenthold (TX)
Fleming (LA)
Franks (AZ)
Gohmert (TX)
Gosar (AZ)
Gowdy  (SC)
Graves (LA)
Guinta (NH)
Harper (MS)
Harris (MD)
Hice, Jody B. (GA)
Holding (NC)
Huelskamp (KS)
Johnson, Sam (TX)
Jones (NC)
Jordan (OH)
Kelly (MS)
King (IA)
Labrador (ID)
Lamborn (CO)
Loudermilk (GA)
Love (UT)
Lummis (WY)
Marchant (TX)
Massie (KY)
Meadows (NC)
Miller (FL)
Mooney (WV)
Mulvaney (SC)
Palazzo (MS)
Palmer (AL)
Perry (PA)
Poe (TX)
Rogers (AL)
Rohrabacher (CA)
Rothfus (PA)
Salmon (AZ)
Sanford (SC)
Smith (MO)
Smith (NE)
Stewart (UT)
Stutzman (IN)
Walker (NC)
Weber (TX)
Wenstrup (OH)
Yoder (KS)
Yoho (FL)
The Senate vote is currently expected on Monday, December 7th but that is not officially confirmed. Please contact your US Senators by phone or social media.  The full directory is available from Patriot Journalist.  Here is some of Florida's Senator information:

Senator Marco Rubio   202-224-3041 @SenRubioPress
Senator Bill Nelson 202-224-5274   @SenBillNelson

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