As Senate Votes to Sell Out Our Children, Obama Ed. Official Gloats Over ESEA's Cementing of Common Core

December, 2015

Hat tip to Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project for sending this information verifying the contention of us in more than 200 parent and citizen anti-Common Core groups across the nation, that ESEA absolutely continues and cements  Common Core under the name "College and Career Ready Standards" making the Secretary's action or inaction allegedly prohibited by the bill completely irrelevant.  They also bragged about the big government preschool program about which we have repeatedly warned.  You have about an hour to make one last phone call to 202-224-3121.

A state legislator from another state is visiting DC this week for meetings of state legislators who chair education committees. Yesterday they had a meeting at the US Department of Education, and obviously the topic of the No Child Left Behind reauthorization bill (ESSA) came up. This is what the USED official said:

According to Emma Vadehra, Chief of Staff, US Dept of Education, this bill will embed "college and career ready standards" or as we know, Common CoreĀ©. They do not expect any states to get away from the standards. It also solidifies the Department's plans for full preK expansion.  It was also stated that the preK grants were significant in moving the ball and that states are on the hook financially as well.  The DoE is giddy with excitement at the impending passage of ESSA.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is  the bill our "conservative" senators are going to vote for this morning.
As with No Child Left Behind, the wise minority that vote against this bill will turn out to be prescient and our children and teachers sold out to Big government, Big Corporations, and Big Data will suffer even more than under No Child Left Behind.

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