Washington Post Reveals New Evidence of Jeb Bush Joint Effort with Obama on Common Core

August, 2015

Karen R. Effrem, MD - Executive Director

Many thanks to Valerie Strauss of the Washington Post's Answer Sheet blog for confirming and expanding the detail of our previous posts about Jeb Bush's close working relationship with the Obama White House to spread the cancer of Common Core throughout the country:

It is also now very evident that Bush's effort to blame Obama for the opposition to Common Core was purely a cynical political move.  And the same is true of Bush's phony federalism claims in the August 6th GOP debate that he does not support federal involvement in standards and curriculum.

The Strauss post includes a tweet by former Obama administration aid Dan Pfeiffer thanking Bush for heFAlping to expand Common Core throughout the nation:

This coincides with the revelation of the 2013 Bush email exchange with Arne Duncan where Duncan asked for guidance on how to deal with Governor Rick Scott's similarly politically motivated move to pull Florida out of the federally funded and supervised PARCC testing consortium:

Now there are several new pieces of evidence showing that fraud.  Buzzfeed found emails between Bush and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan showing both Bush's stature in controlling and implementing Common Core in Florida and across the nation as well as Governor Rick Scott's true intentions to merely change the name of Common Core instead of getting rid of it in order to be re-elected. The key phrase in Bush's reply to Duncan's request for advice is that Scott was "fear[ful] of the rebellion" for his re-election, but apparently not enough to really do something, because as Bush describes and history shows, all he did most likely with Bush's advice, was "stop using the term common core but keep the standards." (Emphasis added).
During Scott's 2014 campaign, Bush tried to join in the deception that Common Core had been removed from Florida, but actually spilled the beans and admitted that the changes to the Common Core standards were not significant:

In addition, Bush's campaign ad for Scott did not mention Common Core or standards at all.

The Strauss piece also contained some excellent quotes of President Obama praising Bush in 2011 for his work on the corporate Common Core education reform:

This isn't the first time the Obama administration has praised Jeb Bush for his education policies. In fact, on March 4, 2011, Obama himself shared a stage with Bush at Miami Central High School. Bush said he was honored to welcome Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, whom he thanked for his "commitment and service to our country," and Bush said he agreed with Obama on the importance of school reform:
"Mr. President, as you have said, education achievement is not a Republican issue or a Democrat issue. It is an issue of national priority."
Obama then praised Bush as a "champion" of school reform, saying:
We are also honored to be joined here today by another champion of education reform, somebody who championed reform when he was in office, somebody who is now championing reform as a private citizen -- Jeb Bush. (Applause.) And we are grateful -- we're grateful for him being here. Aside from being a former governor of this great state, Jeb, of course is best known as the brother of Marvin Bush. (Laughter.) Apparently the rest of the family also did some work back in Washington back in the day. (Laughter.) The truth is I've gotten to know Jeb because his family exemplifies public service. And we are so grateful to him for the work that he's doing on behalf of education. So, thank you, Jeb.

This is all the more evidence that Jeb Bush completely supports the implementation of Common Core by whatever means necessary, that his claims of educational federalism are completely hollow,  that he will do or say whatever it takes to win the nomination, regardless of the facts and the truth, and that if Jeb Bush is the 2016 Republican nominee, there will be no difference between him and Hillary Clinton on Common Core and the unconstituional federal control of education.

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