CALL NOW! US Senate Plans to Ram Through Final Debate on #ECAA Supported by Jeb Bush VERY SOON!

July, 2015

There were rumors that the final votes on amendments and passage for the Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA) could have been as early as TODAY or at the latest by Wednesday (July 15th). Apparently because parents and teachers have seen through the shiny but false promises about how this Senate reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), restores state sovereignty and parental control, is an improvement over NCLB, and supposedly lets states out of Common Core, the plan is to finish the bill before more opposition can be raised by those of us who know the truth and oppose this bill. 

Details provided in the list by American Principles Project show how the prohibition on federal involvement with standards are completely false.  This is especially important because presidential candidate Jeb Bush is perpetuating the falsehood that the prohibitions against federal control of standards are real.  In the following audio clip from a conference call with Alabama Republicans, Bush bragged about how he got his good buddy Lamar Alexander to put this prohibition in the Senate bill (listen starting at 2:32).

The problem is that this type of prohibition was already in federal law in three places.  That did not stop the current administration from bribing and blackmailing states to adopt Common Core.  In addition neither the old nor the new language contains any enforcement mechanism for the states that are coerced or bribed.  Either Jeb Bush is ignorant of this situation or he is knowingly participating in the deception.  Neither situation reflects well on him, especially since he is running for president and portrays himself as such an education guru.


As we have chronicled in detail before, the other problems with and dangers of this bill are almost too numerous to count, especially in the areas of psychological profiling and expansion of federally controlled invasive early childhood programs.  These provisions are further evidence that promised protections for states, districts, family autonomy, teacher control and student privacy are false.
The  House passed their NCLB rewrite by a very narrow margin of  218-213 that required much arm twisting. We thank Reps. Buchanan, Clawson, DeSantis, Miller, and Yoho as well as all the Democrats for voting no on HR 5 from the Florida Delegation!

So if and when this Senate bill passes, the two will have to go to conference committee and we will all have to be alert and do our best to continue to educate members of Congress.

Here is what you can do now:
1) In Florida, please immediately call Senators Marco Rubio (202-224-3041 @marcorubio) and Bill Nelson (202-224-5274 @SenBillNelson) and urge them to vote NO on S 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act.  If you wish to call other Senators, the list of phone numbers is available HERE.

2) If you are on Twitter, go to the Patriot Journalist link and tweet every single US Senator and urge them to vote NO.

3) Watch the debate as you can on C-SPAN 2 and respond on social media.

4) Contact all of your friends and family to take the above three steps!

4) Support our work! You may donate on the Paypal tab on the front page of this site or send a non-deductible check made out to:
The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, Inc.
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