FSCCC Partner Organization Lake County Against Common Core Speaks Out at Legislative Delegation Meeting

December, 2014

Many thanks to our partner organization Lake County Against Common Core, whose parents organized so well and gave impassioned speeches about the dangers and problems about Common Core at the Lake County legislative delegation meeting on December 2nd. Here is a quote from the Daily Commercial article about the event:

"I am here as an infuriated mother of elementary school children and who are demanding to know how this can be fixed," [parent and teacher Jane] Irwin said, addressing Sens. Alan Hays and Dorothy Hukill and Reps. Larry Metz, Jennifer Sullivan and Marlene O'Toole.

"The standards are completely developmentally inappropriate for K through 5. They are fast forwarding skill mastery to unacceptable levels. Forced learning is not natural, it's not lasting and it is certainly not authentic ... There is hardly any logic to the sequence of learning, which the kids are struggling to master, because none of it makes any sense. The math curriculum is convoluted and inefficient, and it appears to be designed for children to fail. And if that is the plan, congratulations, because that is exactly what they are doing," she said.

"There must be a resolution put forth to end the toxic testing system that has become prevalent," Irwin said. "It is shameful that our kids no longer get a well-rounded education that includes the arts on a regular basis in order to pay for those tests. Not to mention the stress, the anxiety and the classroom time that is lost for real authentic learning."

Here is the video of Jane Irwin who is quoted above:

Thanks to Tina Neace who delivered FSCCC's remarks:

Here is the Lake County Against Common Core leader Lory Baxley who wisely discussed Florida replacing Common Core with one of the other best sets of state standards:

Kristi Burns, PhD, scientist and spokesperson for Lake County Healthy Schools group spoke out against toxic-testing:


Here is parent Christine Magnifico:

Parent provides solutions to fix the problem of toxic-testing in the state of Florida:

Here is Lake County father Brian Hofer:

Here is Stuart Klatte, President of the Lake County Teachers Association:

Here is another mom, Carolyn Van Dyken:

Senator Alan Hayes responded to what he heard with this speech:

Again, we thank Lake County Against Common Core and hold them up as a model for other counties in Florida to speak to their legislators!

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