Commissioner of Education Announces Standards & Testing Review Committee

December, 2014

Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart announced the formation of the Keep Florida Learning Committee promised by Governor Scott's re-election campaign in September. Here is a description of the make-up and duties of the committee:

The Keep Florida Learning Committee will review further deregulation opportunities for the school system, evaluate instructional material review processes used by school boards, identify strategies to increase parental involvement, and review the implementation of the Florida Standards and the Florida Standards Assessment. Committee membership will include the Commissioner of Education, teachers, superintendents, school board members, higher education representatives, legislators and members of the public.

Applications for the eleven person committee are available HERE and are due by January 31st with the first conference call meeting scheduled for March after the legislature convenes. 

Given the number of people that will be able to serve, the number of different competing constituencies, and the time line, the potential for meaningful and implemented recommendations this year remains to be seen. 

Please apply to show the DOE the depth of concern about Florida's federally and nationally controlled and incentivized and psychologically manipulative Common Core standards and testing regime and increase the chances of more than token representation by those of us opposed to Common Core and high stakes testing.  And please stay tuned.  Thank you! 

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