Anti-Common Core Candidate McDonald Joins Special Election Primary to Replace Senator Thrasher in SD 6

December, 2014

A special election primary will be held January 27th of 2015 to replace very pro-Common Core Senator John Thrasher who resigned to become Florida State University president.  There are three candidates in that Republican primary race:

Rep. Travis Hutson - He is resigning his recently re-elected seat to run for this senate seat.  He has served as a member of the Education Committee and must be given some credit for co-sponsoring the anti-Common Core pause bill, HB 25, by Rep. Debbie Mayfield.  His depth of concern about the dangers of Common Core seems not to be extending to this campaign, however, as he mentions absolutely nothing about it in his campaign biography and actually brags about being involved with SB 1076, the Career and Professional Education Act, that implemented Common Core and its testing regimen in 2013.

Dennis McDonald - Mr. McDonald is a businessman long active in local politics who believes in constitutional sovereignty and strongly opposes Common Core:
"The Common Core Experiment passed by SB2120 must be repealed before it further damages our students and places them on a track that is not embraced by the Global economy they so often times state that we must compete in. It is time to correct this egregious error"
His wife Janet recently won a position on the Flagler County School Board after running on a strong anti-Common Core platform.

Rep. Ronald "Doc" Renuart - He is a physician and veteran who must be honored for three tours of duty in the Middle East.  Elected to the House in 2008, he also served on the Education Committee, but also mentions nothing about the academically inferior, developmentally inappropriate and psychologically manipulative standards or invasive testing and data mining systems, only discussing the establishment  line of "raising standards and accountability." Activists in the area said this about him during the November election:
"Rep. Doc Renuart seems to believe that changing the name from common core to the Next Generation Florida Sunshine State Standards actually got Florida out of common core. He makes these claims despite the fact that he sits on the committee that approved the changes to the common core standards, so he should know how trivial those changes actually were."

We will make any new information about the candidates available as it is received.  Residents in District 6, please study the candidates and support the one who best answers the 4 Questions About Common Core.

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