October, 2014

The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition (FSCCC), an organization of over fifty groups, and Florida Parents RISE, a group of parents from all over the State of Florida, co-founded by the three co-founders and former directors of Florida Parents Against Common Core (FPACC), both of which represent tens of thousands of Floridians, issue the following statement:  

"As co-founders of FPACC, we are very disappointed in the letter issued by Laura Zorc as it is focused on an individual candidate and not the issue of how extraordinarily dangerous Common Core is to the education, development, and futures of our children, said Stacie Clarke, Debbie Higgenbotham, and Meredith Mears, co-founders of Florida Parents RISE."
"The letter does not come close to representing the views of the entire Florida anti-Common Core movement. FSCCC is focused on education issues. Our coalition is too broad and too diverse to make individual endorsements. And, apparently unlike FPACC, our organization is not set up in such a way as to allow the endorsement of particular candidates," said Dr. Karen Effrem, executive director of FSCCC. "Voters will need to weigh the positions and actions of all three candidates on the academically inferior, developmentally inappropriate, and psychologically manipulative Common Core/Florida Standards against their own views about the candidates' actions and positions on other issues important to them."
Both FSCCC and Florida Parents RISE will continue to report and inform our membership about the outrages associated with the Common Core standards, tests, and data collection system and mobilize parents, grandparents, and business owners to action to protect the minds and hearts of our children and work for education for a free nation.

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