Lee County Votes to Eliminate ALL District standardized Tests for Grades K-5!

September, 2014

In another precedent setting vote, the Lee County School Board voted on September 23rd to opt out of all of the district mandated tests for grades K-5, relieving the parents, teachers, and especially the students of the stress of 68 extra exams. Mandated, high stakes exams beyond the once yearly test starting in third grade are needlessly stressful, developmentally inappropriate and academically unhelpful for informing instruction.

The vote was 3-1 with Don Armstrong, Mary Fischer, and Jeanne Dozier all voting in favor, Cathleen Morgan, in her usual support of the corporate testing crowd, voting against the measure, and board chairman Tom Scott absent due to illness. As reported in the News Press by Emily Atteberry, board member Mary Fischer, who wore red for the vote, called the excessive testing a form of "child abuse."

School board member Mary Fischer (Photo: Emily Atteberry/

The brushfires of rebellion to this corporately lobbied, Bush Family promoted testing regime are burning hotter all the time.

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