Michelle Malkin & Dana Loesch Endorse Jorge Bonilla in CD 9 with Malkin Linking to FSCCC Analysis

August, 2014

At a pivotal point in the hotly contested 3-way Republican August 26th primary in congressional district 9, conservattive and anti-Common Core heroines Michelle Malkin and Dana Loesch who both had prominent roles in We Will Not Conform, have endorsed U.S. Navy veteran Jorge Bonilla for the right to take on Rep. Allen Grayson in November.  Both of these highly influential pundits backed Bonilla by highlighting his service, family ties, and especially his consistent and constitutionally grounded positions. They also both called out the malevolent establishment influence of Jeb Bush. 

In addition, Michelle Malkin specifically pointed out Bonilla's articulate stance against Common Core.  She pointed out his plan to defund and repeal the intrusive federal program.  She graciously linked to our article Jeb Bush Endorsed Congressional Candidate Woefullly Ignorant of Constitution & Federal Role in Education to contrast Bonilla to his Bush endorsed, pro-Common Core rival Carol Platt:

Jorge Bonilla is a friend, longtime blogger, conservative activist, and devoted father of two who is running in Florida's 9th district. Yep, that's Looney Tunes Alan Grayson's district. Bonilla's main primary competition is a Jeb Bush-backed, soft-on-Common Core Republican with Fed Ed proclivities. Bonilla is the only consistent and clear candidate in the field who opposes amnesty -- and not in a mealy-mouthed Rubio-esque way -- as well as defunding and repealing Common Core. Boot Grayson. Back Bonilla.

Dana Loesch used part of her endorsement of Bonilla to point out that Jeb Bush, besides endorsing Bonilla's establishment rival, Platt, also was behind the redistricting shanigans involved in Allen West's 2012 loss (West is also strongly anti-Common Core):

I was introduced to Jorge Bonilla by our mutual friend and conservative citizen journalist, Javier Manjarres. Since that time I've known him to be a devoted family man and stalwart grassroots fighter unafraid to take on Florida's notorious Jeb Bush-dominated establishment. (It's no surprise that the same Bush machine that took out Allen West is floating a primary candidate to stop Bonilla.) We need more fearless, constitutional conservatives in elected office. Please consider Jorge Bonilla as that public servant and send him to take on Alan Grayson in the general.

It is critical during both the primaries and the general for each of us to do our due diligence and find candidates at every level that are steadfast, principled, and informed opponents of Common Core and that we support them however it is in our power to do so.


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