Lee County School Board Member Decision to Opt His Own Children Out of Standardized Tests Inspiring Thousands

August, 2014

Lee County, Florida school board member Don Armstrong plans to opt his twin fourth grade children out of the Florida Common Core Assessments as a way to fight against Common Core or as it is deceptively now called here, the Florida Standards.  Here is a news story discussing Armstrong's decision:


In addition to all of the many reasons that we have chronicled about the controversial tests, such as their psychological profiling and emphasis on controversial issues, and the data mining, Armstrong does not believe that one test is an accurate measure of what his children have learned for an entire year.  According to NBC 2, over 1000 people discussed the story on their Facebook page and many are planning to follow Armstrong's example: WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Armstrong, the reporter, Kathleen Jasper of on Glenn Beck's We Will Not Conform event, as well as Charlotte County school board member Lee Swift at a candidate forum on July 30 have all declared that this step is legal.  Jasper plans to host a free webinar to train parents in how to opt their children out.  As Professor Sandra Stotsky and others have declared, boycotting these tests is a way to stop the flow of personal data on our children to the government and corporations.  It will not stop the psychological manipulation and indoctrination inherent in the standards and the aligned curriculum. For that, we must continue to fight the unconstitutional interference of the federal government imposition of the Common Core as part of Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind Waivers, the imposition by the appointed State Board without input from parents, elected school boards, legislators, and the charade of name changes and minor tweaks that have given us the lipstick on a pig "Florida Standards." 

The battle continues, but as evidenced by the Politico story last week and others, we are winning.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  Please take heart, keep up the great work and continue your wonderful support by clicking on the Paypal button on our home page!

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