Jeb Bush Continues FL Common Core Deception & Contradicts Himself While Campaigning for Scott

August, 2014

As tweeted by John O'Connor of State Impact Florida, former Governor Jeb Bush joined in perpetrating the completely false notion that Common Core is out of the state of Florida:


Andrew Ujifusa of Education Week's State EdWatch blog and FSCCC entered the conversation:

Then O'Connor tweeted Bush as saying:

FSCCC then responded:

O'Connor later retweeted the second tweet and wrote the following in an article:

Eventually, the state added calculus, tweaked a few other things and renamed them the Florida Standards. But, the changes left Common Core largely untouched.

As he has in the past, Bush said Friday he supports the alterations. But Bush conceded not much changed about the standards besides the name.

"They're not substantially different, but they're Florida-based," Bush said, "after listening to a whole lot of people express concerns and support.

This kind of continued blatant, "in your face" deception and contradiction will do neither Scott's current gubernatorial nor Bush's potential presidential campaign any good.  It will only give people more reason to continue use of the Twitter hashtag #StopJebNow and ramp up the already massive resistance to Common Core and the politicians that support it, 

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