FSCCC Releases Major Policy & Legal Analysis of Florida's Out of Control Mandated Testing System

August, 2014

The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition announces a new policy analysis outlining the major state and federal statutory and constitutional flaws with Florida's current federally mandated state standardized testing program.  Written by FSCCC executive director Dr. Karen Effrem who has fifteen years experience analyzing and drafting state and federal education legislation, this analysis covers the following areas:

1) The violation of the Florida Constitution, Article IX, Section 4 b that gives local school boards the control over what happens in schools in their own districts

2) Violations of state statute requiring adequate funding, field and baseline data, and district readiness to give the assessment online, as well as independent technology and capacity load testing of the computer systems before districts can give the tests online, and the statute prohibiting the practice of psychology or school psychology without a license in the process of tests' psychological profiling of our children

3) Violations of the Tenth Amendment covering state sovereignty and the Fourth Amendment dealing with privacy of the US Constitution

4) Violation of three different federal laws having to prohibiting federal interference in state and local education programs and the illegality of requiring compliance with conditional waivers in federal law which Secretary Arne Duncan is arbitrarily enforcing.

The analysis, Constitutional and Statutory Violations of Current State and Federally Mandated Student Assessment Program, is available by clicking HERE.


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