Dreikorn Shows Striking Contrast Over Benacquisto on Common Core

August, 2014

Drew Steele, host of the 92.5 Fox News Daybreak Show, interviewed both incumbent District 30 Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto and challenger Dr. Michael Dreikorn as the August 26th primary approaches.  This is a re-match of the congressional primary in April that Curt Clawson went on to win over Benacquisto, Dr. Paige Kreegel, and Dreikorn.

Although multiple topics were covered, the contrast on Common Core was striking.  Dreikorn (listen to the beginning of the podcast and also at about 10:06) clearly and unequivocally supports the full repeal of Common Core and calls out Benacquisto's sponsorship of SB 1076, the Common Core implementation bill.  We would add that despite co-sponsoring the senate version of the Common Core pause bill, she did not work to get the bill heard despite being majority leader.  Drew also mentioned that there was not a single hearing on any bill to pause or repeal the standards.  Dreikorn said,

"If you want Common Core to remain the law in Florida, then do nothing.  If you want to repeal Common Core, then vote for me.  I am telling you, the incumbent was the co-sponsor of Common Core. Now, what we can do, we can do it in one legislative session.  We can write a bill that throws it out completely.  We can put that kind of coalition together of like-minded conservatives, of like-minded Americans."

When Drew Steele asked Benacquisto about her position on Common Core (listen starting at 8:40), he asked her, "...are you comfortable with 1076 and what it has left behind, do you feel like, because of it, Common Core is officially out of the state of Florida right now at this time?"  Instead of answering yes or no, she sidestepped the question by thanking Drew for his work on this issue, and said:

"I think there is still more work to be done, and I want all this passion and energy and advocacy for our children to be in a scenario where we all work together to effectuate good change, because, again, I do feel there is more work to be done."

There was no talk of what that work meant, be it repealing the standards, cancelling the contract with AIR that will be psychologically profiling our children, truly protecting our children's data, opting out of the federal mandates or anything else. 

This contrast was highlighted by the Southwest Florida Citizen's Alliance, an FSCCC partner, who said the following about the two candidates:
State Senator District 30
Lizbeth Benacquisto
  • Flip-flopped on Common Core: voted for it now claims to oppose it.
  • Arranged to have Rep. Eagle pull the 2nd Amendment Preservation Bill
  • Well known for mud-slinging campaign tactics
  • Has repeatedly demonstrated that she puts party leadership wishes above her Constituents and the Constitution through back room deals
Michael J. Dreikorn
  • Decisively opposed to Common Core
  • Solid answers on our US Constitution survey
  • Veteran
  • Well prepared on the issues
  • Successful executive and small business owner
  • Constitutional conservative
FSCCC urges people in District 30 to do their homework and vote on August 26th.

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