Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Common Core Law

July, 2014

In a scathing rebuke of the FedEd/corporate crony forces on the Oklahoma State School Board, the state Supreme Court ruled against a lawsuit trying to strike down the state's new law withdrawing from Common Core to develop new standards and tests.  The justices rendered their decision just four hours after hearing the oral arguments in an 8-1 decision.  According to KOCO News quote of the bill's co-author, Rep. Jason Nelson "The Legislature is the supreme law-making authority in the state. Academic standards in Oklahoma have the force and effect of law."  See the video HERE for more details.

Hopefully, whoever is governor next year and the legislature will observe Oklahoma's refreshing efforts to truly invoke state sovereignty and follow their example, instead of using deceit and lipstick on a pig efforts to continue dancing to Jeb Bush's and Pearson's tune.



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