Florida Plays Prominent Role in We Will Not Conform Event

July, 2014

Anti-Common Core activist parents, grandparents, teachers and concerned citizens packed at least 700 theaters across the nation last night to learn about the controversial standards, tests and data collection system and what they could do to stop it.  Glen Beck's We Will Not Conform event provided many ways to fight the behemoth on several fronts.  Beck, pundit and author Michelle Malkin, and historian David Barton led the discussion with activists and experts.

Former Estero, Florida assistant principal Kathleen Jasper who quit her job to fight Common Core was a prominent speaker on the panel.  Randy Osborne of Florida Eagle Forum and FSCCC was in the audience. Florida had the most people in theaters of any state in the nation.

"When you start screwing with our children, we all unite on that," Beck said during the broadcast. And Michelle Malkin said, "Our kids are not anybody else's guinea pigs."

Allison Neilsen of Sunshine State News interviewed Florida Rep. Debbie Mayfield and FSCCC executive director Dr. Karen Effrem:

Dr. Karen Effrem, president and co-founder of Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, told Sunshine State News she hoped the event would help those frustrated with Common Core realize they're not alone.  

"We think this can be a great positive in expanding this coalition as people from all viewpoints realize what a dangerous, ineffective, and expensive system this is and we work toward developing a major action plan," said Effrem.

Rep. Debbie Mayfield, R-Vero Beach, who has been one of the most vocal state legislators against Common Core, tuned into the broadcast and called yet again for the standards to be repealed in Florida.

"Fl just repackaged that is why fl has the most attending we need to [repeal]," she tweeted.

The many facets of grassroots activism were discussed, including messaging, research, education, and legislative action. Alternatives means of education were also discussed, such as private, home, and charter schooling. A more detailed plan, is now available on the FreedomWorks website that will continue being updated. FreedomWorks was a major co-sponsor of the event and is a partner with us in the Florida fight. The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition was honored to be able to provide detailed input into that document.

The event will be re-broadcast on July 29th.  Here are some photos from some of the participants around Florida:

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