Florida Eagle Forum Endorses Dreikorn over Benacquisto

July, 2014

Florida Eagle Forum has endorsed Dr. Michael Dreikorn in the District 30 Florida Senate primary against Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto in part due to the Common Core issue. Here is the full statement:

Florida Eagle Forum is excited to have a conservative choice for State Senate in district 30 in the Republican primary.

After carefully reviewing the history and positions of both candidates on many issues, we firmly believe that Dr. Dreikorn is the only candidate who aligns with our organization on important issues like the federal takeover of our state education system (Common Core), the federal takeover of our healthcare system (Obamacare), and the federal government unconstitutionally implementing enforcement of laws through the IRS. We believe that Dr. Dreikorn not only understands these dangers, but also is the only candidate with a viable, common sense plan to stop these abuses.

As a retired corporate business executive, Dr. Dreikorn has the experience we need to bring fiscal responsibility and accountability back to our state government. His experience in dealing firsthand with the effect of taxes on our economy will be a refreshing change from the politics as usual we are now facing in Tallahassee. And as a former veteran, Michael has a much needed direct, no nonsense approach to the right to bear arms and the treatment of those who have served our country through the military.

Therefore, Florida Eagle Forum is proud to endorse Dr. Michael Dreikorn as our next District 30 State Senator.

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