NEW VIDEO: Quick News Update: Clawson Wins, Dangerous Genetic Data Bill Passes, TN Out of PARCC, Cruz Attacks CCSS in FL

June, 2014

Here is a brief recap of the news we have been following and some new news:

1) Curt Clawson Wins - In the general special election for the Florida's 19th Congressional District, Curt Clawson (R) won handily over his Democrat and Libertarian opponents, 67% to 29% to 4%, respectively. He will be in Washington DC tomorrow to replace former Rep. Trey Radel.  In his victory speech, he said it was necessary to "put the Constitution front and center again."  FSCCC wishes him well as he applies that concept to the dangerously unconstitutional Common Core mess.

2) Bachmann Criticizes Loss of Consent & Privacy in Genetics Bill - Sadly, HR 1281, the baby genetic screening without consent bill, passed the House today on a voice vote. However, Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN-6) showed great courage and grace under fire to bring up the consent and privacy problems even though the bill was going to pass. Hopefully, something can be done to remedy this in the appropriations process and links to Common Core databases can be stopped. Thanks to all who spread the word and contacted Congress! We will post the video or transcript when available. UPDATE: Here is the video of  Mrs. Bachmann's important and courageous speech: 

3) Jeb Bush Ally and Chiefs for Change Member Defeated in Oklahoma - Like former Indiana and Florida Commissioner Tony Bennett, Janet Baresi, another member of Jeb Bush's foundation offshoot Chiefs for Change and strong Common Core supporter, wasn't just defeated in Oklahoma, she was trounced.  She did not win a single county and was in last place in 71 out of the 77 counties. Congratulations to the strong work of the activists in Oklahoma, particularly Jenni White and Restore Oklahoma Public Education.

4) Tennessee Pulls Out of PARCC -  Tennessee just announced that they are out of PARCC.  The once mighty federally funded, federally supervised, contractually committed to give individual student level data to the federal government, consortium is now down to 14 state and the District of Columbia.  If they lose one more state, the consortium will no longer be viable.

5) APP Offers Thank You Note for Jindal - To thank Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal for his great leadership in removing Louisiana from Common Core, the American Principles Project is offering a thank you letter giving the opportunity for parents and ctizens across the nation to sign it. 

6) Cruz Attacks Common Core in Bush Stomping Grounds - Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a likely 2016 contender and favorite of conservatives, spoke at the Miami-Dade Lincoln Reagan Day event and gave a no-holds barred attack on Common Core and illegal immigration.  These positions put him at odds with Bush on two issues very important to the conservative base. UPDATE: Here is video courtesy of Shark Tank where the senator said that "we need to repeal every word of Common Core":


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