Please Thank Senate Co-Sponsors, Work to Get More, and Urge Hearings

March, 2014

We are grateful to Senator Alan Hays and Senate Majority Leader Lizbeth Benaquisto for their co-sponsorship of SB 1316, the companion to Rep, Debbie Mayfield's anti-Common Core bill, HB 25.  We are asking you to thank these co-sponsors, ask your own legislators to co-sponsor these bills and ask for hearings.  Senator Benaquisto is in an especially good position to help on that front. We completely agree with, support, and ask you to join us and FSCCC partner Florida Eagle Forum in the specifics of this effort laid out in this email from them:

Alert: 2.28.14
Great news from the Florida Senate.  Senators Hays and Benacquisto are co-introducers of opposition common core bill SB 1316 introduced by Senator Evers.
Senator Alan Hays has been a known opponent of Common Core Standards, so we are grateful to his co-introduction of our bill.  You may thank Sen. Hays here.
Sen. Benacquisto, on the other hand, has never supported the opponents of Common Core and in 2013 co-sponsored a very questionable bill (SB 1076), signed by the governor, which provides "requirements" for the "transition to common core assessments." See this important story from Shark Tank for details.
Why this sudden change of heart?  Since the Senator is running for Congress in the 19th District where her opponents and a majority of her constituents are against Common Core, could this be a strategic political move and not a real change of heart?  
The Senator is majority leader, an influential position, able to move legislation.  Please help us test Benacquisto's commitment to our children by guaranteeing that SB 1316 will be brought before a committee to be heard.  You may contact the Senator here. The more emails, the better our chance for getting this bill heard.
As always, wear your polite and courteous political hat and please forward to family and friends.
Thank you.

Pat Andrews, President
Florida Eagle Forum

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