FSCCC & Activists Speak Out Against "Minor" Common Core Changes

January, 2014

FSCCC, as well as grassroots Republican leaders have been making important statements this week in the press about the Florida Department of Education's admission regarding how minor the changes in the standards really are and the effort to change the name from Common Core to Florida's Standards.  Here is a sampling of the media coverage of the standards revision release and the reaction to it:

Kathleen McGrory of the Miami Herald's Naked Politics blog quoted Marion County GOP Chairman Randy Osborne and Martin County GOP Committeeman, both of whom have courageously stood up to the party establishment on Common Core as follows:
"We must pull out of it completely, get out of the system," said Randy Osborne, a political consultant and co-founder of Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.
Said Martin County Republican Committeeman Eric D. Miller Tuesday: "As an elected Republican Leader, I will do all in my power to aid in this effort so we can finally eradicate Common Core and its like from our State."

John O'Connor of State Impact interviewed Dr. Effrem regarding her concerns:
Karen Effrem is with the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition and Education Liberty Watch. Effrem had yet to study the recommended changes, but said Stewart had already said the changes were "minor."
 "It's really not going to change much," she said. "From the way it sounds, I'm skeptical."
Effrem's group wants the state to repeal the standards. They're concerned the standards don't set high enough goals in math, limit local control over curriculum and are tied to federally-funded standardized tests.

The influential national Breitbart blog also mentioned FSCCC and other Florida activists:
There are parents and residents who are not happy with him or the education boards after the changes were revealed. Karen Effrem from the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition and Education Liberty Watch said the standards will not make much of a difference. Laura Zorc, founder of a group against Common Core, said all they did was add standards.

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