Tony Bennett Now Pushing Psych Testing ACT While Under New Ethics Charges in Indiana

December, 2013

Tony Bennett, the former Indiana state superintendent of schools that lost his re-election bid there, and then leaving the Florida education commissioner post under a cloud of suspicion related to allegations of fixing the grade of a charter school owned by a GOP donor, is now facing new ethics charges.  According to the Associated Press reporter Tony LoBianco who was the same reporter that revealed the grade fixing shenanigans:

The former Republican schools chief and national education star is also the subject of ethics charges filed by Indiana's inspector general. Bennett is accused of misusing state resources and staff in his failed re-election bid. The Associated Press obtained campaign fundraising lists Bennett and his staff had maintained on state computers and emails suggesting his Statehouse staff were campaigning for him on state time.  (Emphasis added).

Apparently none of this is too much fot the ACT testing company, because Bennett is now hawking the ACT Aspire test, which is one of the tests that several states are considering to replace the PARCC and SBAC state tests that are going to be the implementation hammer of the low-level psychocially based Common Core standards.  In fact ACT officials are even admitting that these ACT Common Core tests will include  "interest inventories for students, as well as assessment of behavioral skills for students and teachers to evaluate."

The whole Bennett saga is another black mark on the still ongoing education control of Florida by former Governor Jeb Bush and raises two important issues:  1) If there was so much alleged malfesance by Bennett in Indiana, what revelations about his tenure in Florida await the citizens and taxpayers of Florida? 2) Given all of these allegations, maybe Bennett should take the ACT "assessment of behavioral skills" that he is being so handsomely paid to try to impose on the children of America.  Then again, he might lose yet another job...

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