FL DOE Officials Continue Plans to Implement Common Core Even Before Comment Period Ends

November, 2013

Florida Department of Education officials continued the trend set by Commissioner Pam Stewart and Race to the Top coordinator Holly Edenfield stating that the Common Core standards are not expected to change significantly and that implmentation will proceed full speed ahead.  This latest incident occurred during a webinar hosted by the department on October 30th, one day before the public comment was scheduled to end. The latest official to give evidence that the hearings and comment period were all just to try to appease the public was Mary Jane Tappen, K-12 Deputy Chancellor, who said on page 3 of this just released transcript:

"We are moving forward with the new more rigorous standards.  So, if anyone is hesitating or worried about next year, the timeline has not changed.  We are moving forward and we will have new course descriptions for next year and ... new assessments."

Although later in the call, Tappen admitted that there might be some changes, again, she did not seem to think they would be significant:
"The standards are under review, so there may be some changes.  But, we are moving forward with that professional development."

These statements combined with the copyright issues and the 15% rule that prohibit meaningful changes in the standards without withdrawing from Common Core paint a bleak picture for Florida students, teachers, and families receiving any relief from the onerous federal and national control of the the poor quality psychosocial standards, the assessments, and the associated data collection system.

If this information concerns you, consider expressing your disappointment to Governor Rick Scott at 850-488-7146 and let your legislators know that they need to support Rep. Mayfield's bill HB 25 in the House and author a companion bill in the Senate.

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