Sunshine State News Does a Great Story on Corporate Promotion of Common Core

October, 2013

Allison Neilsen of Sunshine State News did an excellent story on the Exxon Mobil ads promoting Common Core, with a quote both from our letter to Governor Scott and from Dr. Effrem:

Florida Stop Common Core Coalition has been a strong voice to denounce the standards and what they see as corporate entities able to profit immensely from implementing Common Core.

FSCCC wrote a letter to Gov. Rick Scott earlier this month, urging him to stop supporting corporate interests involved in the education system.

"You need to stop supporting the corporate interests that are manipulating Florida's education system for their profit at the expense of our children," read the letter. "Otherwise, be prepared for a major backlash."

Dr. Karen Effrem from FSCCC expressed her disappointment over the TV ad. 

"I am saddened that this corporation has bought into and is promoting the lie that national standards in general and Common Core in particular will solve education problems," she told Sunshine State News. "[ExxonMobil] appear[s] to be another large corporate interest that wants national control over our education system to have schools train children in low level, non-cognitive, psychosocial, workforce competencies ... instead of educating them with broad-based knowledge so they can maintain our republic and be the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow."

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