September, 2013

The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition (FSCCC) released a response to Senator John Legg's memo about the academic standards dated 9/6/13.
"Unfortunately, the Legg memo continues the strategy used by proponents at the governor's summit of trying to sidestep controversy by removing the name of Common Core without dealing with any of the underlying problems with the standards or data collection," said Randy Osborne.  Mr. Osborne is director of education for Heartland Research and Florida Eagle Forum and served as a member of the Education Accountability Summit panel convened by Governor Scott August 26th through the 28th

"Our response deals with the many facts about these very flawed standards that will not be altered by superficial name changes," said Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch and a co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.  "Even the Speaker of the House admits that our concerns and those of citizens, legislators and members of Congress across the state about federal overreach and data mining are 'legitimate.' We call on the Department of Education and our elected officials to stop with bait and switch tactics and to deal with the many problems of the national standards, assessments, and data collection. Florida needs to withdraw from the whole system and return to more local control."  

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