Excellent Media Coverage of Coalition on the Capital Press Conference

September, 2013

Many media outlets covered our press conference and lobbying efforts in Tallahassee.  Here is just a sample:

"You have hundreds of thousands of voters who are really concerned about this," said Randy Osborne of the Florida Eagle Forum. "As the legislators go to their constituents, that's what they will hear."

"What we want is to take out the Common Core 100 percent," said Thais Alvarez, a Miami-Dade teacher.

"We are looking to dismantle this," said Karen Effrem, a Charlotte County pediatrician and co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.
debbiemayfieldIts backers say Common Core stresses the need for all to students to reach widely accepted levels in writing skills and mathematics. But to the growing national movement opposing Common Core, it's "Obama Core," a federal takeover of the education system akin to Obamacare's takeover of the health system.
It's a "complete transformation of another huge sector of people's lives and the economy," Effrem said.
Effrem, however, cautioned that Scott's order merely terminated the fiscal agent relationship with PARCC. It is possible that PARCC will still be a part of future student testing.

"Florida is still a member of PARCC and the commissioner is still speaking, even on Monday, of PARCC still being a possibility for Florida's test," Effrem told Media Trackers Florida....

...Effrem said the Coalition is pleased that Scott is listening to the concerns of citizens and parents regarding implementing Common Core. Nevertheless, Scott's announcement is simply a first step on the path toward wise policy, said Effrem.

"The response of our Coalition is that this is a positive first step, but there are still many issues to be resolved," Effrem said.
Effrem noted that Florida's current math standards are rated higher in quality than the Common Core math standards.


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