Republican Leaders Provide Excellent Response to Thrasher Letter

August, 2013

A dozen different Republican leaders from eight different counties across Florida came out this week with a well researched and strongly worded letter in response to the propaganda sent by Senator John Thrasher and four other former Republican leaders.  All of the signers are current or former Republican Executive Committee chairmen or members of the Republican State Committee.

This is the email introduction:

Dear Republican Leaders
The email of July 22nd by John Thrasher merits a strong response.  As people across the United States learn the innumerable problems with the Common Core system of national standards, tests, and data mining and rise up in horror to oppose their imposition on our innocent children, the proponents continue to recycle the same tired arguments.  They continue to claim that opponents of this program are "misinformed" and laboring under "conspiracy theories." 
Please hear us loud and clear: We are not misinformed.  We do know exactly what this is.  We do not want it for our children, our party and our nation.  These Progressive Ideals have no place in our schools.
Attached is a detailed letter with reference to the disinformation sent by Senator Thrasher and his cosigners. We welcome your attention to the letter attached and hope you will take the time to review it. Please feel free to reach out to us if you desire more information.
Randy Osborne - Chairman Marion County Republican Executive Committee
Eric Miller - State Committeeman, Martin County
John Drozinski - Chairman, Republican Executive Committee Highlands County
Teri Armstrong - State Committeewoman, Marion County
Michael Levine - Chairman, Lake County Republican Executive Committee
Elvira Hasty - Former State Committeewoman, Saint Johns County
Gaye Ellis Chair - Okaloosa, County Republican Executive Committee
Tony Ledbetter - Chairman, Republican Party Volusia
Sheri Ortega - Chairman, Republican Suwannee County
Patricia Sullivan - State Committeewoman, Lake County
Alan Burton - State Committeeman, Volusia County
Marguerite Cavanaugh -  Former State Committee Woman, Marion County. Executive VP Florida Eagle Forum

Download PDF of letter.

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