Rep. Ray Pilon Publicly Rejects Common Core

August, 2013

The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition greatly appreciates the courage of Representative Ray Pilon (R-Sarasota) for taking a public stand against the Common Core standards.  He is the first legislator to our knowledge to so boldly repudiate this top-down system of inferior national standards, national tests, and invasive data mining in a major Florida newspaper. 

The very thorough and well balanced article by Jeremy Wallace of the Sarasota Herald Tribune is available HERE.  Both Dr. Karen Effrem and Chrissy Blevio of the Coalition are extensively quoted.

If you live in his district, please thank him.  Contact information is available HERE.  If you live in other districts, please contact your own legislators, offer to meet with them, bring them a copy of our policy analysis available HERE, and urge them to follow Representative Pilon's example.

Thanks to all of your efforts calling, writing, and visiting our public officials, there are starting to be cracks in the seemingly impenetrable wall of Common Core support by the establishment.  Keep up your great work!
Please also consider a generous donation to help us continue this vital work. [HERE]  Thank you!

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