For Immediate Release - Support for Common Core Standards Continues to Crumble in RPOF

August, 2013

After the recent release of the well-documented response [CLICK HERE] from twelve Republican leaders from all over Florida to the Common Core propaganda [HERE] put forth by Senator John Thrasher and other former Republican (RPOF) leaders, support was overwhelming from many others within the RPOF.  So much so, that twenty-five additional leaders RPOF and a few other officials have asked for their names to be added, and the letter has been released again.

"This effort to impose Common Core on our children and divide our party must end," said Randy Osborne, Marion County chairman, director of education for Heartland Research, and lobbyist for the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.  "The signers of this letter represent Republican Executive Committee membership - parents, grandparents, concerned citizens, and grassroots activists from all over this state, the heart and soul of the Republican Party."

"The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition is extremely pleased and appreciative of the stand taken by these wise leaders," said Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch and a co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.  "It is not these leaders, the Republican Executive Committee membership or the many groups and individuals that have joined our coalition that are "misinformed" or "laboring under conspiracy theories," but rather it is Senator Thrasher and the many other proponents that are trying to force this untested education system on Florida and the nation. Even during Governor Scott's education summit, instead of engaging in or even allowing a respectful, academic discussion of the merits of the standards or the lack thereof, all some proponents were able to do is resort to name calling.  The standards are academically inferior to what many states, including Florida, already have.  There is no evidence that they will raise student achievement.  Failed attempts at this type of centralized education planning litter the ash heap of history all over the world. We call upon the RPOF and elected officials to reject the Common Core system and return education accountability to local instead of federal control."

Below is the complete list of Republican officials that reject the imposition of the Common Core standards system in Florida and have signed on to this rebuttal letter.
Contact: Chrissy Blevio  941-737-7743

Randy Osborne - Chairman Marion County Republican Executive Committee
Eric Miller - State Committeeman, Martin County
John Drozinski - Chairman, Republican Executive Committee Highlands County
Teri Armstrong - State Committeewoman, Marion County
Michael Levine - Chairman, Lake County Republican Executive Committee
Elvira Hasty - Former State Committeewoman, Saint Johns County
Gaye Ellis Chair - Okaloosa, County Republican Executive Committee
Tony Ledbetter - Chairman, Republican Party Volusia
Sheri Ortega - Chairman, Republican Suwannee County
Patricia Sullivan - State Committeewoman, Lake County
Alan Burton - State Committeeman, Volusia County
Marguerite Cavanaugh - Former State Committee Woman, Marion County. Executive VP Florida Eagle Forum
Carlie Rogers, Brevard State Committeewoman
Bradley Maxwell Leon County Chairman
Larry Taylor, Wakulla County State Committeeman
Mrs. Taylor, Wakulla County School Board Member District 2
Debi Large, Okeechobee County Chairman
Sandra Atkinson,   Okaloosa County State Committeewoman
Anne-Marie Shaffer, Flagler County State Committeewoman
Frank Meeker, Flagler County State Committeeman
Dave Sullivan, Flagler County Chairman.
Bill Fochi,  Charlotte County Chairman
Steven Czonstka,  Okaloosa County State Committeeman
Robert E. Hagaman, Citrus County State Committeeman
Jane Sturges, Charlotte County Committeewoman
Lindsay Harrington, Charlotte County Committeeman
Joe Arnold, Okeechobee County State Committeeman
Melissa Arnold, Okeechobee County State Committeewoman
Mike Cribby, Putnam County State Committreeman
BryAnne White, Calhoun County State Committeewoman
Mark Cross, Osceola County State Committeeman
William Paterson, St. Lucie County Chairman
Michael Hofstee, St. Lucie County State Committeeman
Mary Ann Russell, St. Lucie County State Committeewoman
Joseph Sowell, Holmes County State Committeeman
Susan Sowell, Holmes County State Committeewoman
Ryan Anderson, Broward County State Committeeman

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