Common Core Guru Bennett Gets Caught Cheating...Twice!

August, 2013

The resignation of Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett sadly confirms the grave concerns of The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition about the workability of the Common Core system.  We highlighted these concerns in our statements this week both about the data manipulation in Indiana and Florida and the false information from the DOE.

Dr. Karen Effrem, president of Education Liberty Watch and co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition gave the following statement:

"This is what happens when the federal government and unaccountable private groups and foundations try to impose completely untested national standards on the children and families of Florida and the country and then try to control the lives and funding of those children, teachers and local districts via yet completed high stakes tests. If one of the nation's leading proponents and experts on Common Core has to 'cook the books' in two states in order to make this completely irresponsible system look valid, Common Core cannot survive.  Our children are not allowed to cheat on their schoolwork and tests. Why should the adults that we entrust with the education of those precious children be allowed to manipulate the numbers for their own benefit?

We call upon Governor Rick Scott to both withdraw from the Common Core standards, tests and data collection system, as well as to appoint a new commissioner that will promote locally controlled academic education for all of the Florida's public school children.  Pam Stewart, given her support of and close work with implementing Florida's federal Race to the Top grant that requires the Common Core national standards, aligned national tests, and the data mining of our children, is not the person that the children and citizens of Florida need at this critical time."

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