Randy Osborne & Dr. Karen Effrem Debate Common Core with Director of Jeb Bush's Foundaton & Former School Board Member

June, 2013

Dr. Karen Effrem, President of Education Liberty Watch and Randy Osborne of the Florida Eagle Forum recently participated in a debate on Common Core hosted by the Lake County REC and filmed by Vance Jochim of
in Tavares, Florida.

We thank the hosts and the panel for providing a candid and far reaching discussion of the  Common Core system.  As you will see Randy and Dr. Karen "took no prisoners."

The event was covered by a reporter from the Daily Commercial and the education reporter from the Orlando Sentinel.  You may read the report from the Daily Commercial here.The Sentinel chose to publish a an extremely biased story about the event.  Reporter Erica Rodriguez did not cover any of the issues brought up by the panelists.  She didn't even name the panelists. She instead chose to portray the members of the audience as "fearful" and "confused." Even worse, she quoted elected school board member Bill Mathias as saying that "people are just so paranoid about our government"  Please read the story HERE and submit your comments.   

Part 1 of 2: Public forum on Common Core Education Standards in Tavares, FL on Jun. 27th, 2013. Hosted by the Public Policy Committee of the Lake County Republican Party. The event was moderated by Lake County Commissioner Leslie Campione and the four panelists (L to R) were: 1) Khori Whittaker from the Foundation for Florida's Future (Jeb Bush's pro-Common Core foundation); Jim Miller, former Lake County School Board member (Pro); Dr. Karen Effrem, President of Education Liberty Watch (opposes CC); and Randy Osborne, lobbyist, Chair of Marion County Republican Party & from the Florida Eagle Forum (opposed). Part one is 2 hours, and part 2 is about 30 min. Video by Vance Jochim of

HIghlights Part 1:
37:41 -55:41  Psychological manipulation and data mining
56:26-101:30  International benchmarking
107:57-113:06  Data Mining/Constitutional Issues
128:42-133:49  Standards vs. Curriculum
133:58- 1:40:56  Teaching to test/local control
141:00-147:44 Effect of Common Core on Teachers
149:50-155:23 Violations of federal law/psychological manipulation and assessment in English curriculum

Highlights Part 2
4:45-9:00 More on International comparisons
Closing Statements
Randy Osborne: 9:13-13:50
Dr. Karen Effrem 13:54-16:54
Jim Miller 16:55-19:45
Khori Whitaker: 19:50-22:17

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