"Dissident Prof," Mary Grabar Interviews Dr. Effrem on Government Preschool/"Baby Common Core"

June, 2013

Mary Grabar, PhD, The Dissident Prof, has written an excellent article for the Selous Foundation about the dangers and harms of government preschool and home visiting programs titled Be Afraid: Government "Help" for the Children. In it she interviewed Dr. Effrem, who has been sounding the alarm about these programs for many years.  This Obama administration preschool push is part of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge and may be considered the "Baby Common Core" system, because it is composed of standards, assessments, and data collection just in grades K-12.  Dr. Effrem has written about this topic in her articles: Early Learning Race to the Top Nationalizes Preschool, Government Preschool Tyranny "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!" and  State of the Union Statistics Mislead on Preschool Benefits.  We thank Dr. Grabar for her great work!

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