Common Core Nanny State

The Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge (RTTT_ELC) is the preschool analogy of the federal Race to the Top program that required adoption of the Common Core standards in order for states to receive desperately needed grant funds during the recession.  RTTT_ELC does the following:
1) Puts Uncle Sam in charge of preschool standards, including ones about gender issues, careers and environmentalism even for three year olds.  The federal government will be in charge of assessments and data collection from birth onward as well.
2) Expands invasive and ineffective home visiting programs
3) In addition to the federal takeover of state early childhood programs accomplished in 2007 with the Head Start reauthorization, becomes a de facto government takeover of private and religious childcare via the so-called quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) that demand the teaching of a government approved curriculum in order for programs that care for poor children to receive any money.

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