Florida Gubernatorial Primary Common Core & Related Issue Education Ratings

These guides are not endorsements, but lay out and rate the Common Core, federal education, preschool and related issues records of the Republican and Democrat candidates for governor of Florida, listed as officially qualified by the Florida Department of State to be on the ballot for the 2018 election, based on reviews of the candidates' statements on their websites, in the media, at debates, polling data, endorsements, and voting records where available. PDF versions of these tables are available for the Democrats and the Republicans.

Common Core & Related Education Issue Comparison - Florida Republican Gubernatorial Primary

NameWebsiteFSCCC Grade Opposes Federal Intrusion in Education Opposes Common Core Opposes Expansion of Government Preschool Pro-Common Core Endorsement or Rating Anti-Common Core Endorsement or Rating
CongressmanRon DeSantis FSCCC Grade: A Yes -Voted against the Every Student Succeeds Act in Congress, which cemented CCSS in place & harms the opt-out movement YesCosponsored 2014 resolution against CCSS & has strongly opposed in speeches & interviews and via vote against ESSA. He is listening to his supporters, who oppose CCSS 72%-16%. Yes Voted against ESSA that includes expansion of federal pre-K programs that research continues to show is ineffective and is tied to Common Core No American Conservative UnionMark LevinSean Hannity
Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam FSCCC Grade: F No - Voted for No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in Congress requiring annual state tests & laying groundwork for Common Core No - Hasn't discussed during campaign but supported Common Core during parent revolt. He is ignoring his supporters who oppose CCSS 67%-17% . No Voted for NCLB and the Head Start Act that greatly increased federal control over preschool that research continues to show is ineffective & became tied to Common Core Florida Chamber No
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