"State-Led" CCSSO Meets to Discuss Common Core Behind Closed Doors

The Council Of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), one of the major developers and one of the two copyright holders of the Common Core standards is holding a meeting in Orlando this week:

Dec 3-4 Supporting Principal Effectiveness in Leading Teacher Evaluation and Supports and Common Core Implementation
Orlando, FL Shannon Glynn 202-326-8694 shannon.glynn@ccsso.org

The introductory paragraph on the meetings page actually contains this very unfreindly, "untransparent" sentence letting the parents, taxpayers and elected policy makers of forty-five states know exactly where they stand in the implementation of Common Core:

CCSSO meetings are closed to the public and attendance is by invitation only unless otherwise denoted. (Emphasis in original).

Wait! Hold on! Aren't we benighted opponents of Common Core constantly told by our enlightened masters like former Governor Jeb Bush's Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) and Chester Finn's Thomas B. Fordham Foundation that the deliberations on Common Core were and are "state-led," "voluntary," and "transparent"?  In fact, one of their innumerable "Myths vs. Facts" documents says:

Both the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) are made up of state leaders state governors and the education chiefs to be exact, who are accountable to their constituents.   They meet together to learn best practices, discuss lessons learned, share information and research and collaborate.  Parents can certainly influence these organizations by influencing their Governor or Department of Education chief.

What are these people smoking? They were really proud that they got 2,000 parent comments on standards that are affecting over one hundred million school children with only less than one quarter of one percent of those being published.  With that kind of parental involvment, how can citizens expect to influence mostly appointed officials and their minions that meet behind closed doors?  If these awful standards and their top-down implementation did not so seriously affect our children and our nation's future, this rhetoric would be comical. Here is yet another reason to continue vigorously opposing Common Core.  

[Hat-tip to Caroline Rouston and Andrew Nappi for this information!]

Updated 12/2/13 to reflect addition of the word "parent" before "comments" and links in final paragraph.





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