Interim Commissioner Stewart Apprently NOT in the Loop on PARCC

Interim commissioner Pam Stewart was at the Jacksonville area meetings on Common Core organized by Rep. Janet Adkins.  While Adkins was busy contradicting the governor, Stewart was indicating that shw had no idea what what going on with the all important Common Core assessments. The Times Union reported, "After the event, Stewart said she will spend the next two weeks figuring out why state education officials haven't determined which statewide test will accompany Common Core in 2014-15."  Apparently she hasn't gotten the memo that the superintendents have and directly contradicted Miami Superintendent Alberto Carvalho who was at another forum in Miami.  He was reported by attendees at that meeting to have said that PARCC is a "non-issue." and that they are working on "Plan B."

The metings in northeastern Florida, Broward, and Miami Dade counties  were attended by many parents and concerned citizens that were overwhelmingly against Common Core. Many are in groups that have become Coalition partners.  The officials at all of these meetings continued to push the myths and misstatements that Common Core Is a "state-led" inititative, that the standards have nothing to do with curriculum, and that our children's data is safe with the federal government.  The Coalition has thoroughly debunked all of these and more HERE and HERE..

The students, families, and taxpayers of Florida need education leadership that  understands the dangers of Common Core, gets their facts straight, and tells the truth.  Neither Stewart nor the legislators promoting Common Core are providing these qualities for Florida's citizens.


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