Four Important Questions to Ask Candidates About Common Core

As support for Common Core continues to slide (including in a new Gallup poll released today), political candidates are starting to run from the issue.  Here are four questions that you can ask to see if their opposition is real or just a battlefield conversion when the heat is turned up:

1) Do you support Common Core (many are likely to say "No")

2) Do you believe that Common Core is out of the state of Florida as Governor Scott and Jeb Bush have proclaimed?

3) If you think Common Core is still in Florida, what will you do to see it removed?

4)  If you oppose Common Core, what did you do during the last year to get rid of it? (for incumbents, some of whom supported an anti-Common Core bill in the legislature after they knew it was dead)

Please ask these questions, do not tolerate deception, and don't forget to vote in the August 26th primary!


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