FL Testing Firm AIR is Also Deeply Involved in Data Mining

Not only is the American Institutes for Research  (AIR) receiving $220 million of our tax dollars to develop the Common Core aligned replacement for the FCAT and heavily involved in subjective psychological testing and controversial social issues, but they are also deeply involved in the data mining of our children and their teachers.  According to AIR's own website:

The National Center for Analysis of Longitudinal Data in Education Research (CALDER) is a joint project of AIR and scholars at Duke University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, the University of Missouri, the University of Texas at Dallas, and the University of Washington.

AIR admits that CALDER will be studying individual data on students and teachers, including Florida students:

CALDER, which previously was located at the Urban Institute, strives to inform education policy development through analyses of data on individual students and teachers over time...Currently, CALDER is working with data from Florida, Indiana, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Washington, D.C." (Emphasis added)

So, individual data on Florida students is already being mined and used by this private entity for purposes that may or may not have any benefit for those children or teachers, but for government power and corporate profits.  Given the major loopholes in FERPA that we have reported, it is also quite likely that this is being done without parental consent. Here are the issues they say are being studied with this individual data:

CALDER studies a wide range of education policy research topics, including: state and local education finance, school accountability, standards and assessment, teacher recruitment and retention, teacher quality, school administration, child development, early childhood education...
This is more evidence that the assurances from the legislative leadership, governor's political machine, the Department of Education, and the State Board of Education are deceptive, false and more lipstick on the Common Core pig.  Do not stand for your children to be used as another kind of pig Guinea pigs! Demand that Florida withdraw from the Common Core "Florida" standards, the AIR Common Core psychological profiling tests, and this womb to tomb data collection system. Thank you! (Updated 5/21/16 due to changed link).


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