Faces of Common Core Video Shows Emotional Toll of Inappropriate Common Core Standards

In follow-up to our post last week about the damage caused by the ridiculously developmentally inappropriate Common Core standards and curriculum, we are very pleased to announce the release of an excellent video called "Faces of Common Core."  Produced by Traci Isaacs, a Florida mother of two and education advocate; and Meg Norris, a Georgia mother, teacher and doctoral candidate, this brief, but powerful video shows the stunning stupidity of the methods used to teach math to young children and how powerless their parents are to help them.  It also shows what distress and unhappiness Common Core math is causing our children and how it is destroying the love of learning.  Please take five minutes of your time to watch it and then share it widely. You may also find their group on Face book at Faces of Common Core. Thank you! 

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