Developmentally Inappropriate Common Core Lessons Taking Toll on Children

This  heart-rending photo encapsulates the torture that is Common Core, especially for young children.  Instead of being taught the standard algorithms, they are forced to needlessly struggle with developmentally inappropriate content, especially in math, to the point that award winning principal Carol Burris of New York rightly "said the Common Core required children to grapple with topics in mathematics that are in many cases taught a year earlier than before and 'in a more difficult way.' 'I fear that they are creating a generation of young students who are learning to hate mathematics,' she said." The algorithms used are so complicated that even college educated parents are at a loss to help their struggling children, harming the parent child relationship and further isolating parents from their child's education.

This needless stress and destruction of the love of learning is why we fight Common Core.  Do not let them do this to your child or grandchild. Join us in this fight and support us in this cause.

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